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Sprayed Polyurethane

Polyurethane foam is the most efficient and effective insulation material available on the market. Its performance is superior to all other types of insulation. Applying polyurethane foam involves a procedure where two liquids are mixed and sprayed on the surfaces to be insulated. Once the product comes into contact with the surface, it expands rapidly and solidifies in a matter of seconds.

Because this product expands instantly, it can be applied in any thickness, with a minimum thickness of one inch. It adheres perfectly to most construction materials. This air/vapour barrier insulation material can be used alone on a single surface without requiring an additional air or vapour barrier.

The thermal resistance of polyurethane foam is the highest among all insulation products on the market, with an R-value of R-6 to R-7 per inch. In addition, because it is sprayed, this product does not have joints, which makes it possible to prevent heat losses and outside air infiltrations. Finally, polyurethane foam adheres completely to the surface, getting into the smallest cracks and blocking any and all layers of air between the insulation and the substrate.

It also helps to prevent all forms of condensation between the insulation and the surface. Solid sprayed polyurethane foam provides a continuous insulation system with the highest R-value per thickness unit. It goes without saying that polyurethane foam provides you with a performance that cannot be matched by conventional materials. As a result, you’ll enjoy energy cost savings and protect your building from premature deterioration.

Used in new and existing constructions, sprayed polyurethane is mainly used to insulate the following areas:

  • Exterior walls
  • Interior walls
  • Basement rim joists
  • Basements
  • Cold chambers
  • Etc.

To learn more about sprayed polyurethane, please consult this article on Wikipedia.

Monokote 3306

The Monokote Z-3306 thermal barrier is a Portland-cement based flame-retardant coating that is specially designed for application over rigid polyurethane plastic foams. Applied with a spray gun on surfaces where foam is installed such as indoor walls and ceilings, the Z-3306 forms a monolithic, durable and resistant thermal barrier that provides protection against heat and fire.

The Monokote Z-3306 cement firewall is a cement-based product that forms a durable and resistant thermal barrier that provides protection against heat and fire. The product is applied immediately after spraying the polyurethane.

Cellulose Fibre

Made from recycled wood fibres, cellulose fibre is a 100% natural product. In fact, 80% of cellulose is made from recycled newspaper. This product is a great way to recycle newspaper, which contributes to the preservation of natural resources.

Unlike other products on the market, cellulose is non-polluting and non-toxic and it is not an irritant. This eco-friendly product provides a healthy environment for all occupants. It is used to insulate walls and attics; it is also used for soundproofing walls and in-between floors.

If you would like to learn more about cellulose fibre, please read this article on Wikipedia.


Fibreglass is an insulation product that is frequently used in the construction industry. The fibre is made from a glass mixture that flows through the centre of a cylindrical container with small holes, which spins at very high speeds.

Renowned for its thermal properties, this material is often used to insulate attics. Blown fibreglass, also known as blown wool, is used to achieve continuous insulation without joints. This material can be applied at any thickness, according to your specifications.

For more information about fibreglass, consult this article on Wikipedia.


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